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Xie Keyin, also known as Shaking (谢可寅), is a singer under JNERA Cultural Media and a trainee on Youth With You 2. She was a member of the girl group Legal High and now a member of THE9.


In November 2018, she participated in Dragon TV's The Next Top Bang. In December, she participated in Dragon TV's New Year Concert. On January 3, 2019, she won the finals and debuted with Legal High, and sang their debut single "Hi". In February of the same year, they released her second original single "Heart Star". In January 2020, she participated in iQiyi's Youth With You 2 and won 5th place, making her the 5th member of the group: THE9.

And she published her solo song " Never Say Die", she presented an original song, composed and written by herself in the show.